Amadeo Bordiga
And the passion of communism
Welcome to the official Bordiga page on Neocities, celebrating the life of a man who opposed all falsifiers, deniers and mordernizers of Marxism until the end of his life, dedicating his work to the Party. His work still haunts the fascists, those who preserve the bourgeois-democratic farse, and those who revise and dessecrate marxist works by applying false abstractions and definitions.

Amadeo Bordiga was an italian marxist who was born on June 13, 1889 in Resina, Italy. He was the general-secretary of the Communist Party of Italy from 1921-1924, the first one to occupy the position, and the last one from the communist left to do so. During his time as a leadership figure, he was involved in leading several communist legions, and was arrested several times. He was expelled from the party by the revisionist right-wing, led by stalinist figures such as Gramsci, which abandoned direct revolutionary action to focus on compromises with bourgeois "anti-fascists".

Despite his expulsion from the party, Bordiga remained active in the communist left, always standing as a strong opponent of the Soviet Union and its policies which aimed to turn the Communist International into a supporting arm of its bourgeois state apparatus.

Bordiga's imprisionment by the fascists in 1926-1929 (or rather, his release from it) was particularly damaging to his reputation in communist circles, as he was deliberately released to incite rumours, that still circulate today, about a supposed "compromise with fascism". Many of those rumours were falsely backed up by supposed "quotes" by Bordiga published in catholic publications.

After this psyop, Bordiga laid low until nearly the end of the Second World War, when he became active once more in the revolutionary struggle, being part of the Internationalist Communist Party until the end of his life and continuing to provide knowledge to the next generations.

Bordiga passed away just 10 days after his birthday, on July 23, 1970 in Formia, Italy. He did not write any wills or letters to be read after his death, and explicitly made such a fact known, so that no one could falsify a claim to "inherit" his political legacy.

Bordiga Gallery

Bordiga dining with wife and comrades

Bordiga on the beach with his wife and comrades

Bordiga with his wife and child

A young Bordiga

Bordiga on his desk, discussing with an interviewer out of the frame

Bordiga during an interview

Bordiga reading a pamphlet

Bordiga's prison file photo

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